Worship Service • Sunday 10am
1300 W. Crescent Avenue
Park Ridge, IL 60068


Park Ridge Presbyterian Church is led by a group of elected church members (known as Elders) who serve on a Committee (known as the Session). The Session provides directional leadership for our church and is moderated by the pastor. Park Ridge Presbyterian Church also has a Board of Trustees, Board of Deacons, a Nominating Committee, and other committees that provide leadership, management, and administration in a variety of areas of ministry and mission. Contact information is available upon request for any of the individuals listed below. For more information, please contact the church office via e-mail at office@parkridgepresby.org or by calling (847) 823-4135.

Moderator of Session: Pastor Josh Erickson
Clerk of Session: Bonnie Trenkle
Vice-Clerk of Session: 
Class of 2020: John Armor, Joan Libner, Scotty Williams
Class of 2019: Michelle Charley, Paul Danao, Bonnie Trenkle
Class of 2018: Sue Carlson, Steve Hansen, Frank Lucchesi

President: Dan Carroll
Secretary: Jody Segalla
Class of 2020: Dan Spindler and Scott Swanson
Class of 2019: John Klytta and Herb Lange
Class of 2018: Jody Segalla and Dan Carroll

Melissa Mau

Treasurer: Dan Spindler
Assistant Treasurer: Patty Sheehan and Curt Carlson

Margerie DuBois (moderator), Joan Cole, Will “Hal” Hallihan, Jackie Macaluso, Gina Metelica, Joyce McGlade, Dick Rauscher, Hank Trenkle, and Rob Williams

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Dorothy Broughton, Louise Carlson, Paul Danao (moderator), Ann Knight, Scott MacKenzie, Bill Paine, and Scott Williams

Worship and Music – Vickie Heiden and Sandy Williams
Hospitality – Mary Ann Ballard
New Members – Ann Knight
Children’s Ministry – Linda Carpinelli
Youth Ministry – Ramon Mendoza
Congregational Life – Cheryl Williams
Deacons – Margerie DuBois
Missions – Susie Pierce
Human Resources – Steve Hansen
Nominating Committee – Paul Danao
Audio, Visual, Lighting and IT – Christopher Peterson
Finance Committee –
Buildings and Grounds – Dan Carroll
Scholarship Committee –
Presbyterian Women – Kathy Schlegel