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November 16, 2014 “Persistent in Prayer” Luke 18: 1-8

In our scripture lesson this morning, Jesus tells the story of a persistent woman: a widow who refuses to give up.  She approaches a judge again and again, asking him to grant her justice against her opponent.  The judge refuses at first but finally decides to give her what she wants; since he fears that […]

November 9, 2014 “It’s Hard to Ask for Help”

Mark 2: 1-12 It is hard to ask for help!   And sometimes we just have to step up and offer to help someone.  It is often hard to know just what we should do. Here is a problem for you to solve. You’re driving along in your car on a wild and stormy night. You […]

November 2, 2014 “Good Stewards”

Matthew 25:14-30 “A certain man goes on a journey,” but before he leaves, he summons his servants, divides his property among them, not evenly, but according to what they can handle, and leaves them with both the authority and the responsibility for its care. Will they take care of their Master’s treasure while he’s gone?  […]

October 26, 2014 “Sola Fide”

Romans 5: 1-5   There are moments in life when you just have to speak up or take a stand on an important issue. There are moments when much is at stake, something so wrong is taking place that keeping silent, or not taking some kind of action is not an option.  It becomes impossible to […]

Sunday at PRPC

09:00 am ... Confirmation Class
10:00 am ... Sunday Worship Service
10:00 am ... Sunday School & Nursery
11:00 am ... Coffee Hour (w/tea, juice, pastry, fruit)
11:30 am ... Bible Study

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